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Welcome to my studio!

Hello, my name is Theresa Nellams and I’m the owner of Studio Spice Co. My love for cooking started in a tiny studio apartment on Chicago's Northside.  Studio living required me to maximize my kitchen space in order to have a quality cooking experience.  Adhering to the philosophy of quality above quantity, my goal for Studio Spice Co. is to ensure tons of flavor go into each small hand-blended batch. Grand or modest, your kitchen serves as your very own studio space where I encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

Studio Spice Co. brings flavors from around the world into the homes of those eager to explore. Our mission is to elevate the cooking experience by providing unique spice blends to those who also have a passion for cooking.

We Believe spices are the most important ingredient in any dish.
We Believe in sourcing the best quality ingredients.
We Believe that small batch blending sustains freshness & flavor.
We Believe in elevating your cooking experience, one spice blend at time.