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Cast Iron Chicken w/ Whiskey Cream Sauce

This recipe is a spin on the classic, Steak Au Poivre. Instead of using steak, we used chicken thighs since they remain juicy during cooking.  We also swapped out the traditional cognac for Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey, which adds a sweet essence reminiscent of maple.  Our Steak Rub is perfect for this recipe because it not only has black peppercorns in it, which is the "au poivre" part of the dish, but also fermented white peppercorns. 

We created this recipe to showcase the versatility of our Steak Rub.  If you aren't a fan of steak or want to switch it up, this recipe is for you! There are only 6 units of Steak Rub left (at the time of publish), so be sure to grab some to make this delicious recipe.  Soon we will announce the date for the restock of our Flagship Collection and release of our next spice blend, be sure to sign up for our email list so you don't miss any important updates.



2lbs Chicken Thighs

2Tbsp Steak Rub

1Tbsp Salt

1Tbsp Olive Oil

3 sprigs plus 1tsp of Thyme 

4 Garlic cloves, 2 smashed 2 sliced

2Tbsp Butter

1Tbsp Cracked Black Peppercorns, coarse

1/3 cup Uncle Nearest Whiskey

1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Steak Rub, to taste

Salt, to taste 

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees 

  2. Pat chicken Dry. Season chicken on both sides w/ Steak Rub & Salt

  3. Heat skillet over medium high heat, add oil

  4. When oil is shimmering, add chicken pieces skin side down first. Brown on both sides

  5. Once browned, add smashed garlic, thyme and 1TBSP of butter to skillet. Baste chicken for about one minute. 

  6. Remove skillet from heat and place in oven. Roast chicken for 30 minutes or until cooked fully through. 

  7. Remove skillet from oven, transfer chicken to a plate and set aside. Remove all grease from pan with a spoon, keep drippings in skillet.

  8. Place skillet on medium heat, add butter, sliced garlic, and cracked pepper. Sauté until garlic is softened but not browned. Remove skillet from heat and add whiskey, return to heat and cook until whiskey is mostly evaporated but thickened. 

  9. Add cream and simmer until thickened and sauce coats the back of spoon. Season to taste with Steak Rub and salt. Add remaining thyme.

  10. Add chicken back to pan and serve with sauce. 


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