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Small batch hand-blended spices


Things just got a little spicy

I love this blend and have already used it on everything from crispy chicken to mashed potatoes, vinaigrettes, and shepard's pie! Thanks for such a quality product!

Ruth S., All Purpose

I like it because it's ground just right and it doesn't burn on the pan as it sears

Vivian J., Steak Rub

This spice was BOMB!!!! I love that it is adjustable. Some spices don't leave any room to adjust and be creative.

Kathleen S, Rotisserie Chicken

It's goooooood!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Ambria M., Seafood

I love that's it's flat/space saving. I think it aligns with your idea of small batch me that feels fresher.

Melissa P., Packaging